Learning and growing online and in-studio

In line with Government advice, The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet is currently, and until further notice, operating as a virtual school. Grade 6 and above students are returning to the studio. Now that the vaccine is out and the situation in India and Bangalore is improving, we anticipate the academic schools to start sometime in the month on April 2021.

We realize that parents will be ambivalent towards how the situation will unfold especially as the schools welcome the students back in the classes and to enable a smooth transition, we are fully prepared to transform to a hybrid model of teaching where online and offline (in-studio) will continue hand-in-hand until everyone moves to the studios.

In the meantime, find out how we have been keeping our students technically, artistically and intellectually challenged during their time at home, and join us in shaping the future through dance.

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Pre-recorded Classes

At the beginning of the lockdown, we at TLFCB decided that pre-recorded classes for our younger students, from Pre-Primary Ballet to Grade 2, would be the most advantageous way to reach out to them. Not only would it ensure that all students would be able to join the class at a time that was convenient for them at a time of upheaval, but it also allowed them to watch the video several times. The response to the classes was overwhelmingly positive, and students were encouraged to send their practice videos to the teachers for review and feedback.

Live Zoom Classes

Anticipating an extension of the first lockdown, we transformed our approach to include live Zoom classes for all students, bringing them back to their usual weekly ballet timetable and their regular teachers. Our teachers and administration work tirelessly to ensure that all students continue to develop their technique through these classes.

Live Beginners Ballet

Maintaining our vision that ballet is for everyone, we are teaching a live beginners ballet class on Zoom on Sundays at 1.30pm for all ballet enthusiasts to join. It’s never too late to start dancing. Get in touch with us for the Zoom link on 98452 80377 or on enquiries@tlfcb.org

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International Day of Dance Choreography

To celebrate the International Day of Dance on April 29th 2020, students of TLFCB came together in a collaboration to dance together as one, even when far away from each other and our studios. 

We asked our students to choreograph a piece to a set segment of music chosen by our administration. From the dozens of entries we received, the TLFCB team chose a winning choreography by Naina Girish. This was sent out to all students of TLFCB to learn, so that on the big day we would all be dancing together. Click below to see what our dancers are capable of, even in the midst of a lockdown.

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Crossword Puzzles and Ballet Quizzes

To keep our students inspired and active, we wanted to go beyond the movement classes and offer our students some ballet history and general knowledge as well. Want to give it a try? 

In addition, students’ knowledge and understanding of their respective syllabi and their content was tested through fun quizzes, preparing them for assessments and offering continued broad leaning at home.

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Live Instagram advanced classes

For our older students, an intermediate/advanced class was arranged on Sundays, allowing all students to join in the class. In addition, all classes from Grade 3 and above were sent weekly classes to practice at home.

DanceFit Live

To stay healthy and active during the lockdown, all students and parents are encouraged to join our live DanceFit classes taught by Artistic Director Yana Lewis on Zoom on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11am – 12pm. These classes are suitable for dancers and non-dancers alike, with a focus on strength, alignment and flexibility.  

To attend these classes, get in touch with our administration on 9845280377 or enquiries@tlfcb.org

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Technical Tips

With the goal of maintaining our students’ technical skill through their home practice, we shared short videos focused on a specific technical detail. These videos were intended for all dancers, from Primary to Advanced, to work on small details to improve overall technique. These videos remain available on our youtube channel.

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Mother’s Day – or, Teach-Your-Mother-Ballet-Day

What better way to celebrate this special day than by asking our students to teach their mothers some ballet? We featured many of our younger dancers teaching their mothers the basics of dance on May 10th, and we hope that some of those mothers remain inspired to keep dancing!

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Students’ Home Practice Features

To keep each other motivated, students have been sending their practice photos for us to share with the community.

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The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet is currently accepting new admissions into our online classes. When in-studio classes resume, all students who have joined us during the lockdown will be included in the regular teaching scheme adopted by the school.

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