Examination in dance: know about ISTD

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The system of examination and training  followed at Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet is the imperial classical ballet under the Imperial Society of Teachers and Dancing (ISTD) in the United Kingdom.

Here are five things you should know about ISTD.

1.ISTD was formed in 1904 in London and is presently one of the leading dance examination boards in the world.(In pic: The ISTD Dinner Dance, 1951)


2.   ISTD has 12 faculties for theatre, social dance and dance sports.

                       examination examination

3.ISTD conducts  the largest number of examinations of any dance examination boards in the UK for those who wish to pursue dance as the profession– as dancer or performer.


4. ISTD has more than 7500 members from across 75 countries in the world.


5. ISTD brings out ‘Dance Magzine, a monthly magazine which has all the information about courses offered, training and updates of events under ISTD. It was first published in 1907.


As a registered educational charity and membership association, the ISTD’s mission is to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms, to promote knowledge of dance, to provide up-to-date techniques for our members, and to maintain and improve teaching standards.ISTD support their members through updated teaching syllabi and techniques, plus a wide variety of courses, summer schools and congresses. (Picture Credits: , web.)

At the Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet, the ballet classes are structured on the ISTD syllabus.Our Artistic Director Yana Lewis is an ISTD teacher with 35 years of experience teaching students across various backgrounds and nationalities.

For more details on ISTD, read here.

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    Hey ! This is Aishwarya . I was told that I m being put on the waiting list to enrol myself for the ballet classes . It’s been quite a long time , I haven’t got any updates on my status . Could you please look into it as I m very interested in hitting the classes as soon as possible . I’d really appreciate your help . Thank you

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