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Ballet is not for you

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We are the impatient generation, we proclaim proudly. We cannot remember the last time we were patient when the internet went a tad slow. We cannot stand the buffering symbol staring at us. We are happy with fast-food and, we need faster results with everything we do.

But what about perseverance? What the hell does that mean?

We wish our bodies, especially these legs, would understand we belong to the impatient generation. We do not have all the time in the world to work through our body’s limitations. Why don’t our bodies decide quickly to get into shape?

We are repeating the exercise every single day.Impatience is knocking at our doors. Aren’t we learning new steps today? When can we stand on our toes? Fast. When can we become  ballet dancers of world class standard?  Surely in a year or two?

Did we hear you say our muscles are not strong enough? And we need to commit every day to improve our skills, and strengthen our body? Dear Lord, doesn’t that require us to be patient with our bodies, focus on working with our own limitations? Are you saying there will be pain and sweat to perfect our jumps? Self-discipline and sacrifice are a must?

Oh, then ballet is not for us.

impatient generation

Yes, ballet is not for you if you want to just look pretty and not go through the pain and hard work to get there.

As you search for quicker results, your patience grows thinner. Ballet and instant gratification do not go hand in hand though you wish it had. You cannot add ballet to the list of dance forms you have mastered in a year, not if you are on a quest to perfection.(In a year? Oh, these unrealistic wishes you are made to believe in nowadays. )

You cannot belong to the ballet world, let alone survive it if you do not take perseverance and fortitude as your companions. You cannot call yourself a ballerina of world class standard if you cannot defy your impatient nature and put up a fight, every single time your mind wants to take the easier route and get quick results. Because, the road to perfection has no shortcuts.

So, ballet is definitely not for you if you stay put with the impatient generation.

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7 responses to “Ballet is not for you”

  1. Manju says:

    Hi! I am 30 year old women. N interested to learn ballet. Kindly share the details for beginners batch

  2. Seema Patil says:

    Dear Team,

    My daughter is 4 years 4 months old. I think is interested in ballet dance.
    Can you please provide the information required to take admission.


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  4. Rosa Attenborough says:

    I love ballet and have been doing it for 8 years

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