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Dance Is More Than Just Technique

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Time and again we get asked if it is worth sending children to ballet if they are not going to become professional dancers. Time and again the answer is a resounding YES! Studying classical ballet, or any dance style, is about much more than learning technique and making dance a career.

Parents often wonder how their child is doing as they eagerly await their move to the next level of dance. They, quite rightly, wish to know if their child is understanding and improving the skills learned in class. Our answer often includes the sentiment that learning dance is a process, and that each child is unique and learns at his or her own pace. At times, this leads to frustration, as many of us are used to the academic style of moving students to the next level of study on a yearly basis. This may not always work in dance, and we find that parents begin to wonder if it is worth sending their child to class if he or she is not ‘climbing’ through the levels annually.

There are many reasons why training in dance is beneficial above and beyond the technical, physical and performance aspects of the art. This article covers 6 very important reasons. It emphasizes how learning dance benefits students far beyond the studio, and how the skills learned in a studio continue to influence throughout their lives.

6 Reasons Dance Training Makes Us Better Human Beings

How has attending dance influenced you beyond the studio? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Sachin Shah says:

    No one would have imagined that someone would have shown the courage to write such a blog post as this one. It explains everything so perfectly for the competent world we live in today; especially the part which says that we need not feel entitled to be perfect always.

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