NYB dancers on stage

National Youth Ballet at Shishu Mandir

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On December 16th, The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet’s emerging dance company National Youth Ballet (NYB) performed at Shishu Mandir. Our aim was to give the children of the organization a new experience that would spark an interest in ballet and would bring about an atmosphere of creativity and dreams for the students. 

NYB dancers in Fleur D'Or
National Youth Ballet dancers on stage in Fleur d’Or

Shishu Mandir is an organization providing schooling for underprivileged children and youth. With a strong emphasis on the arts, and especially dance, it was an ideal place for our dancers to showcase ballet. It is a dance form unknown to most of the students of the school. At TLFCB, our mission is to provide a space where dancers of all ages and backgrounds are inspired to continue striving for excellence in ballet and in dance, and where the benefits of our classes reach beyond the studio walls. At the December 16th performance and workshop, our dancers did just that. 

NYB dancers
National Youth Ballet dancers backstage, before the performance at Shishu Mandir

As our dance company has grown in both artistic excellence and technical proficiency, we have seen a genuine camaraderie grow within the group. This is especially important at an event such as the one at Shishu Mandir. We are showcasing not only classical ballet as an art, but also the impact that classical dance training has on the students’ lives. The unity of the dancers is evident both on and off stage. This could also be seen in the workshop held by Artistic Director Yana Lewis during the performance. The showcase was also a wonderful opening performance for our newest NYB dancers. They performed for the first time with the company. 

National Youth Ballet backstage
Backstage in the temporary changing room  with National Youth Ballet

Many students from Shishu Mandir came backstage after the performance to speak to our dancers. Curiosity and wonder spread across their faces as they asked about ballet and how to become a dancer. They were enthralled by the costumes, music and dancing. We could not have asked for a better audience or outcome to the show!

We look forward to continuing the process that has begun with Shishu Mandir through our dance in education outreach programme at TLFCB. 

National Youth Ballet backstage
National Youth Ballet dancers backstage
An ocean of Cygnets waiting to dance 

National Youth Ballet are ready and eager to showcase their talents and classical ballet in its true form. Know of an organization that could benefit from the joy of ballet? Let us know! 

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