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7 Tips To Stay Hydrated

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One of the first things we all learn in Biology is that the human body is 70-75% water and that it is for this reason that we should be drinking roughly 2-3 litres of water every day. Actually, your water intake depends on many factors – factors like your age, sex, the climate, and your physical activity. Here are 7 ways to keep you healthy and hydrated in the searing heat (especially when you’re doing hours of dance every week)!

hydrated fruitEat More Fruits and Vegetables

Water isn’t the only way to up your hydration – there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that have a high water content –

    • 97% water: Cucumbers
    • 96% water: Celery
    • 95% water: Tomatoes, Radishes
    • 93% water: Red/Yellow/Green Bell Peppers
    • 92% water: Cauliflower, Watermelon
    • 91% water: Spinach, Strawberries, Broccoli
    • 90% water: Grapefruit

water bottles Carry A Water Bottle

It’s been shown that people who carry a reusable water bottle with them tend to drink more water because they have water on hand whenever they need it. Getting a reusable water bottle is better for the environment (and for your pocket if you’re not constantly buying bottled water)!

Track Your Water Intake

The easiest way to get dehydrated is by forgetting to drink water, or forgetting how much water you’ve already drunk. Track how much water you’ve been drinking, and set reminders at regular intervals of the day to drink more.

fruit infused water Infuse With Flavour

If you get bored of drinking just water, or you don’t like drinking plain water, you should infuse your water with flavour! Juices and coffees, while more interesting to drink, aren’t as good for you as just water. Instead, try adding sliced fruits into your water bottle – strawberries, oranges, lemons or even cucumbers. Not only do you end up with a more refreshing drink, you’re also getting more vitamins in the process!

Avoid Energy Drinks

Energy drinks tend to be high in sugar as well as caffeine – two things that can dehydrate you pretty badly. It’s best to stay away from these, but if you must have one, be sure to compensate by drinking extra water.

Try Chia Seeds

Chia seeds while being high in many nutrients including omega 3’s also have the ability to absorb water up to 12 times their weight. So if you consume soaked chia seeds, as they begin to digest they slowly release water, keeping you hydrated.

coconutDrink Coconut Water

Coconut water contains many minerals that are lost when you sweat, so not only is it refreshing, it also replenishes your electrolytes as you drink it – perfect for an after ballet drink! How much easier can it get than taking a stroll from our studio and getting a fresh coconut cut open? For a fun treat, freeze coconut water as ice cubes for your next drink, or even make popsicles out of it!

What happens if you do get dehydrated?

Dehydration can occur even if you’ve been sweating a lot without replenishing the water lost. The common first symptoms of dehydration are thirst, dizziness, headaches, fainting and even vomiting. For a mild case of dehydration, it should be enough to drink plenty of fluids. Your first choice should be water, but there are lots of specialty drinks that will help you replace your body’s lost water and electrolytes. If you can’t get a pre-mixed rehydration solution, don’t try to make one yourself. Instead, replace lost fluids naturally with sips of water, homemade fruit juice, crushed fruit mixed with water, or salty soups or broths.

Do you have any more tips to stay hydrated this summer? Let us know in the comments down below!

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