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The Perks of Being A Volunteer

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Every two years, the excitement picks up as every student and every parent eagerly awaits our shows in September and December. Everyone’s imaginations are running wild about the stage, the choreography, the costumes, the music – there’s so much magic in every element that makes up a show. With this in mind, you can understand that it’s no easy feat to bring these shows together! One of the integral parts of every show is our volunteers – the heroes behind the scenes who possess the superpowers of making sure every costume is without stain, every stage cue is met, and every chatty toddler is perfectly disciplined. Do you have what it takes to volunteer? Here’s why you should!

“Volunteering for the show was an awesome experience. It was really exciting and enlightening to see everyone putting their best toe forward and work hard to make the show a grand success. Apart from that, it was such joy to watch little ballerinas trying to put their act together with grit and glam.” – Dr. Rohini Harish

You get to watch the magic unfold

We’ve all seen how magical the shows are when they’re finally on stage after a full year of hard work. But this is your chance to see the show comes together; to watch each individual element behind the magic!

You get to witness the behind the scenes

Instead of watching the show, you get the honour of watching the behind-the-scenes of the show! All the dances in rehearsal, every correction of alignment or placement. You truly get to see what no one else has the opportunity to!

volunteer backstage

Silly moments caught backstage!

You see a new side to the teachers and the dancers

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our teachers are also dancers! You get to watch their backstage rehearsals too and watch them get into character. Plus, you might be present for some silly moments backstage as well! You get to see the informal side of TLFCB, and what a family everyone becomes when they’re backstage with all the same nerves and all the same excitement.

“I truly enjoyed being a volunteer during the last show as I am passionate about behind the scenes work. Volunteering was better as I got a chance to be a part of the show as well and contribute in someway to a big idea.” – Shobana Ragopal

kids rehearsal

Dancers rehearsing on stage before the show!

“Volunteering was for me an opportunity to be with my daughter in the pre-primary batch. It also opened up an avenue to see the little angels practising and dancing at their best. The sight within the training venue with the world-class teachers is something that will remain a treasure of lifetime memory. Apart from seeing the dance, the little girls were always looking towards us with eager eyes for any kind of guidance or help. I could connect with their needs and could feel a bond developing over a period of time. Oh, and not to forget that we turned ourselves into professional makeup artist sharing makeup tips, hairstyles with parents. I thoroughly enjoyed the phase of being right next to my kid and going through her journey until the performance.” – Jasmin Chandran

You gain a new appreciation

When you’re backstage, whether you’re trying to handle everyone’s nerves and jitters, or you’re watching rehearsals go on forever because one of the formations doesn’t look right, you start to understand what an intricate art ballet is. You start to have an appreciation for the complexity and the beauty of the dance – and ballet can then become a common bond between you and your child!

A note from a volunteer…

Nirupama Ganesh is a Grade 4 student at TLFCB and is also a part of National Youth Ballet dance company. Nirupama has performed in multiple shows and will be performing in both our upcoming shows this year. Her mother Padmini volunteered for the shows in 2017, and here’s what she has to say:

volunteer backstage

Nirupama with her mother!

“To be able to give all the students an ethereal experience of performing on stage with beautiful costumes, music and choreography, to present the classical art to friends, parents and art lovers.

Being a dancer myself helped me in understanding the need for precision in every aspect of volunteering. The massive task of managing various groups of dancers, their entries and exits, their costumes, their needs, the anxious parents, by a team of good volunteers is definitely an added boon for the teachers.

I learnt a lot, and am eagerly hoping to be a part of their next production.

Thank you, Yana and The Lewis Foundation

P.S. It’s almost like being in the show, so you don’t miss watching it in the auditorium. We can sit in the comfort of our home and watch it on DVD!”

Do you have what it takes to volunteer? Contact enquiries@tlfcb.org or 8088006677 to sign up!

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