Meet our National Youth Ballet Stars

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National Youth Ballet (NYB) is a company of young, talented, and passionate performers from The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet. The company performs at events around the nation, including our own shows and arts festivals. They rehearse as a company weekly, in addition to their regular ballet classes.
The company’s repertoire includes original works from renown classical ballets, choreographies by TLFCB’s Artistic Director and teachers, as well as hip hop and contemporary pieces.

We spoke to some of our NYB dancers and each one of them are proud of being a part of such an inspiring company which focuses on greatness, physically and mentally. They would like to encourage all students passionate to learn and grow, to join the community.

Here is what our dancers had to say about- how being a part of the NYB has helped them grow as a dancer and what they love about being a part of the company :


Ananya Anand (Left)- Grade 5/6

* Feels she’s been verified as a dancer
* Enjoys being in a mixture of different grade students as it helps her learn from both higher and lower grade students
* Has become confident and gotten over her stage fright!
* Loves how everyone is challenged and pushes themselves to be their best
* Happiest about being able to perform a lot more shows in a year and to reach out to a bigger audience

rykanybRyka Das- Grade G3/G4 

* Has become technically stronger, which helps her perform better in her regular ballet classes
* Appreciates the creative freedom in NYB
* Loves to perform shows in front of public and inspire everyone to learn ballet
* Made friends for a lifetime, especially her best friend Jazzie
*Feels it’s different and a beautiful experience as a dancer to be part of the company

tejasnybTejas Venkatash- Grade 3/4

* Feels he is challenged as a dancer, gets to learn technically stronger choreographies and lots of interesting variations from great ballet productions
* Loves that he can inspire people and wants to change the world’s perception about boys and ballet
* Considers it as the biggest stress buster and it has also helped him build stronger muscles and do better at sports
* His pro tip to everyone coming for the auditions is to- “Focus on your goals and chase them with passion always. Never let other peoples opinions get to you, only your own matters.”

jazminenybJazmine Bhanushali (Centre, on ground)- Grade 3/4 

* Challenged her as a dancer and has made her a better performer
* Believes it has also helped her technique in swimming as well
* Makes her mum proud, which makes her really happy ( Miss Yana is a tough critic, we’d all have to agree!)
* Considers everyone to be like family to her. Finds it beautiful to see how everyone is so close to each other
* Loves that she can learn not just ballet but other dance forms too like hip hop!

kritanybY A Krita- Grade 2

* During her auditions, she believed in herself and made it through. She says smiling throughout would definitely earn you brownie points
* Feels being in the NYB is challenging but also so rewarding at the same time. She has improved over time and it has also helped her do a lot better in her grade classes.
* Glad that she gets to spend a lot of time with her friends at NYB
* Has grown as a dancer technically and is happy to see it translate in her grades as well, from 97 to 99!
* Loves that apart from ballet, she gets to learn different dance styles like hip hop and jazz too

aradhananybAradhana Kiran- Grade 5

* Enjoys spending time with dancers from other classes and how they get to push themselves to different levels
* Has learned how to interact better with new people
* Likes the camaraderie between everybody and how everyone helps each other out when necessary
* Feels even though the NYB classes are technically challenging, the classes make her feel lighter
* Being a part of a creative crew, she feels grateful for the exposure in terms of performance
* A tip she would like to give everyone is to- ” Come try, have fun and work hard.”

arpithanybArpitha- Grade 4

*Considers it to be the best experience as they do everything together from learning new steps to getting over stage jitters to performing in beautiful shows
* An opportunity to build stamina and push themselves constantly!
* Loves how everyone has grown to become a family. Also finds it really fun to learn choreographies with her friends around
* Feels being in the NYB is one of her biggest achievements in life
* A tip she’d like everyone to remember while auditioning- “Go for it, give it your best! “


Maya Haridas- Grade 2 

* Feels really proud and privileged to be a part of the company
* Became more confident after which it made her shine through her performances even more
* Loves how they are all like a big happy family sharing moments of laughter and creative choreographies together
* Her pro trip for everyone during auditions is to – “Try your best, everything will fall in place.”

Inspired? You could be one of them too. Come audition on the 26th of January 2020 and become a part of this talented group of dancers!

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