Getting through the lockdown together!

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Lockdown blues getting you down? Fear not – we have you covered!

With the recent extension of the lockdown, many of us are facing challenges that we never knew existed. Keeping ourselves safe, healthy, and positive while being stuck at home can be quite a task! Here are a few tips to keep you physically and mentally active while we await an ease on the lockdown and the return to normal.

1. Move!

Being at home all day, every day can make you feel lazy, but let’s try to keep ourselves active. Movement in any form can help uplift your mood.

  • Watch online ballet videos and practice especially the ones being sent to you by TLFCB! This is also a great time to record yourself dancing, watch it, and see if you can correct any mistakes you have made yourself
  • Get creative – Do things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to! Invest a few hours in the day to do something creative and keep your mind refreshed. Let others inspire you! You could learn a new dance form – there are plenty of tutorials online at the moment. Just remember that it’s always best to learn from an experienced teacher, especially when it comes to highly technical dance forms like classical ballet.
  • Instill new habits   Create a daily routine that keeps you moving. Maybe it’s practicing your ballet class at a certain time every day, maybe it’s trying out a new dance form, or maybe it’s a good yoga class. Dedicate a time each day where you avoid sitting down!
  • Exercise to keep your body and mind fit Being physically and mentally stable and strong is always important, and perhaps now more than ever. We’re making it easy for you – join our live DanceFit classes by Miss Yana on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:00 am on our Instagram page (ballet_in_india)



2. Eat healthy foods that will boost your energy

It is important to maintain a healthy diet to help boost your immune system. Make sure you’re eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, including super foods like ginger, garlic, turmeric, and fermented foods in your meals. Eating the right kind of foods can improve your overall health and immune system to fight diseases. Perhaps there are a few of you at home who can get creative in the kitchen together, making meals and snacks to boost strength, immunity and morale (by that we mean some yummy treats).


3. Strengthen your bond with your (dance) friends

Even though we can’t physically meet each other, thanks to technology there are so many ways we can keep in touch! Discuss your online ballet classes with your friends via text, whatsapp, or video calls. Strengthen old friendships and find ways to make new friends. Let’s make socialising online our advantage at this time. Stay connected, stay inspired.



4. Take time to rest

Let’s remember that we don’t need to be constantly pushing ourselves physically and mentally – we all need a break sometimes. Being confined to our homes is a good time to unwind and give our bodies the rest they need. While we encourage you to stay active, it is also important to remember that your body and mind need rest, too. Allow yourself to take breaks.



5. Appreciate small moments

We are often so busy that we forget to appreciate the simpler things. Look around and see if you can find beauty in what you have – your friends, family, a garden or potted plants, good food, or perhaps a loving pet. When the world seems overwhelming, it can help to focus on the things that you can be grateful for. Without diminishing the gravity of the situation, we can find some relief in the moment and stay positive for the future.

Online content can be a real life-saver while we are all isolating ourselves at home. 

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What are you doing to keep yourself healthy during this lockdown?
Let us know below!

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