In line with Government advice, The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet is currently, and until further notice, operating as a virtual school. When restrictions are lifted  & all schools are re-open to physical classes , we look forward to welcoming all the students back to the studios .

To enable a smooth transition to in-studio classes, we are fully prepared to transform to a hybrid / blended model of teaching where online and offline (in-studio) will continue hand-in-hand until everyone moves to the studios.

Update : 18 October 2021 – The plan for getting the Grade 2 and above students back to the studio has been set into motion. It will be done in a gradual manner. Grade 1 and lower will continue their learning online. For further details, please reach our office.


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Recorded classes

In the beginning of the lockdown, at the time of upheavel, we decided pre-recorded classes for our younger students, from Pre-Primary Ballet to Grade 2, would be the most advantageous way to continue learning. It ensured that all students would be able to join the class at a time that was convenient for them. It also allowed them to watch the video several times. The response to this method was overwhelmingly positive, and students were encouraged to send their practice videos to the teachers for review and feedback. This transformed into live synchronous classes online.

Live classes

Anticipating a longer lockdown in a few weeks, we rapidly transformed our approach to include live Zoom classes for all students, bringing them back to their usual weekly ballet timetable. Our teachers and administration worked tirelessly to ensure that all students continue to develop their technique through these classes. All classes are still monitored live by an administrator along with the teacher to ensure safety and smooth functioning of the class.


To keep our students inspired and active, we wanted to go beyond the movement classes and offer our students some ballet history and general knowledge as well. In addition, students’ knowledge and understanding of their respective syllabi and their content was tested through fun quizzes, puzzles , competitions preparing them for assessments and offering continued broad leaning at home.

Themes, Props and more

We are pushing  boundaries of teaching and engaging the students, especially the young ones online with themes, props , costumes and more.

Technical Tips

With the goal of maintaining our students’ technical skills through their home practice, we shared short videos focused on a specific technical detail. These videos were intended for all dancers, from Primary to Advanced, to work on small details to improve overall technique. These videos remain available on our Youtube channel.

BarreFIT Live & In studio

Not just any exercise class – an integrative approach targetting the entire body combining Callanetics, Pilates, Yoga and over 40 years of classical ballet. Low impact, adaptive, get lean and strong. Classes suitable for dancers and non-dancers alike. Classes are being conducted live and in-studio simultaneously.

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Not just ballet

Affiliated to Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London , our teachers come with a combined experience of 60 years in teaching dance. For us its not just about teaching ballet  and jazz . It is about imparting important life skills like discipline, persistence, creativity, tenacity and more.

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Update : 18 October 2021 : The plan for having Grade 2 ballet and above students back in the studio has been set into motion. The younger students will continue their training online until further notice. Due to scheduled assessments and other interactions between teachers and parents, students will be admitted for the next term starting February 2022, subject to vacancies available.

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