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Uniform – How To Get It Right

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Whether you are new to ballet or a veteran of TLFCB, it’s important to come well prepared to your class. This includes wearing the correct, clean uniform and neat and tidy hair. They are an integral part of your training and technique, and should not be missed out. Here is our first video tutorial blog on how to get it right for class!

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Maya Nambisan, Advanced 1

The Shoes

One of the most important parts of your uniform – your shoes. Learn how to wear them correctly, avoiding shoe elastics that “creep” out of the shoe and get lost! As many dancers will know, they are near impossible to get back in.

The Skirt

Does the wrap skirt send you into confusion? Fear not, here’s how to wrap and tie it to make it stay put for the duration of the class. If you have a pull-up skirt, you’re already a step ahead.

The Tights

Tights have a way of tearing if you don’t put them on carefully. Have a look at our tutorial to find out how to keep them hole-, rip- and tear-free for longer.

The Bun

Not strictly part of the wearable uniform, your hair is still an important part of being neat and ready for class. Tying your hair up also allows you a few extra minutes to mentally prepare for the class. Make sure you have U-shaped pins ready. When making the bun for a show, use gel, spray and a bun net. If your hair is short, use a headband to hold the hair back from the face.


Looking for more inspiration? Some of our students create true works of art on their heads! Here are Megna, Grade5 ; Leanna, Grade3 ; and Anaiah, Primary

We are planning more vlogs in the coming months – what are you interested in seeing? Let us know in the comments below!
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