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How can my child get the most out of an online class?

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How can parents help their children prepare in a positive way for their online ballet classes? Having a routine and planning the day can go a long way in helping children, especially young students, to enjoy their classes to the fullest. Creating a space of anticipation and excitement will also help students focus and look forward to their class. 
The Space

Have a designated space for the online class. Make sure that the space where the student is dancing is as clear as possible. Remove chairs, carpet, furniture, and toys that are not needed for the class from the area. Make sure the student has a suitable screen where the teacher can be clearly seen on Speaker View and that the audio is clear.

It is also a good idea to keep the class area as free of distraction as possible. Minimizing other family members and house help passing through the area during the class, not lounging or eating in the dance area while the student is dancing, and keeping pets in a different area can help. Keeping other noise levels low will also help the student focus on the teacher’s voice and the music. 

The Uniform

An easy way to help students prepare for the class is to take the time to wear the uniform, and tie the hair back. Make this a positive experience – an exciting part of the day where the student gets a chance to mentally prepare for the class. It becomes a physical cue for the student to get ready for ballet.

The Meal 

Dancing on a very full stomach can be uncomfortable. Plan meals and snacks in such a way that it supports the student’s dancing. A main meal can be had a couple of hours before class, and a snack up to 30 minutes before class. Keeping snacks available during the class is not a good idea – especially for younger students, it can become a big distraction and a safety issue! Save any snacks for after class. Keep a water bottle handy for hydration during the class.

The School

Allowing students a break from the screen between school classes and ballet class will help them refocus while dancing. While this may not always be possible, giving students the opportunity to unwind from the school day before joining the ballet class can make a big difference in their participation and progress. 

The Friends

It can be helpful for students to participate in the ballet classes together with other students. It can serve as motivation and increase the fun aspect of the class, even if only on the odd occasion. It’s important to be careful with this, however – at times, dancing together with a friend can be more distracting than helpful, especially for younger students. The presence of a parent can be helpful here.

The Nap

Many of our youngest students take naps during the day. Planning these with the ballet class in mind can be very helpful for pre-primary dancers. Waking up just before the class begins is difficult, especially if the student is new to ballet and does not yet know the teacher well. Giving the student enough time, approximately 30 minutes, to wake up and get excited about the class is ideal.  

Creating the ideal environment for your child’s online ballet class can make a world of difference in their class participation, learning, progress and enjoyment. Help them by creating a positive routine and space around the class. 

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