What Are Assessments, and What Are They Not?

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Many parents and students wonder about our assessment process. Is it a final test? Will students move to the next grade afterwards? How should the results be interpreted? Here is a quick guide to the key points of what the assessments are, and what they are not.
What is an assessment?
What is it not?

A Progress Report
Our assessment is a formal way for teachers to assemble information regarding the students’ progress in the class. This means the progress they have made since they began their current grade. It also includes the progress they have made from previous grades.

A Final Test
The assessment is not a final test of the students’ abilities in ballet or in the grade that they are currently in.

A Guide for Students and Parents
The assessment serves as a guide for students and parents with regards to the technical, artistic and musical expectations of the level they are dancing in.

An End Result of Training
The assessment is not a final examination.

A Place for Feedback 

The assessment report gives students and parents feedback, corrections, and areas of development.

A Final Mark 

The assessment does not serve as the final mark in the grade that the student is dancing in.

An Incentive for Students
The assessment can serve as an incentive for students to work hard towards a ‘deadline’.

A Source of Stress
The assessment is not a process of pass or fail, and should not be seen as such.

A Summative Assessment
The assessment demonstrates the students’ learning in ballet up to that point of training. It is not a final assessment.

A Formative Assessment
We do not hold formative assessments.

Assessments are an important part of students’ ballet training. They give students and parents a guide to teachers’ expectations, feedback on performance and progress, and incentive for students to develop their dancing. 

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