Get your child ready for ballet class in less than 10 minutes after school

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Getting your child ready for ballet class can be daunting ! Here are a few tips to help parents prepare their children for ballet class and ensure that they have the best experience possible in preparing to attend classes in the studio.
Remember preparation is key !
  • uniform preparation Yay, its ballet class today : Inform your child in the morning itself that they have ballet class after school. Let them know if there is a theme in the class. It will help in mentally preparing them for the class which could be almost after they come from school. This could be different than their regular school to home schedule. This will also help set a routine for your child on ballet class days. Support them in setting a positive tone for the day. Ballet classes can be challenging depending on how the school day went and how they feel on that day. Be positive and encouraging.
  • Prepare the ballet bag : Do it in the morning or well before time, so that you have one less thing to worry about as the day gets busy. The ballet bag must contain
    • Water bottle with plenty of water
    • A healthy snack . Avoid full lunch before class.
    • An extra mask
    • A hair kit with handy extra pins, clips, hair ties
    • A change of clothes if required
    • A towel, handkerchief or pocket tissues.
    • The full ballet uniform , ready to wear if you intend to change your child at the studio’s changing rooms.
  • Proper ballet uniform : Keep the full uniform neat and ready to use the night before. Depending on the time available on ballet class day, you might decide to dress him/her up before reaching the studio or use the changing rooms at the studio. If you are new to the class, your child may be anxious or clingy . This is absolutely natural. Either way, use this time to connect with your child and create a positive tone for the class.ballet bun mum
  • Hair : For girls, hair should be tied up for class, neatly in a bun, pulled back. Boys can have any hairstyle as long as it doesn’t interfere in their dancing and its not in their face.
  • Go to ballet class directly from school : If you are new to in-person classes at the studio, your child may want to go home before going to the studio. This does give the child the time to unwind and replenish, however, at times, with everything prepared in advance as mentioned above and provided you have transport, it might be easier to head to studio directly from school. This will give you and your child more space and time to ease into the ballet class mode.
  • One last trip : Take your child to the washroom before the class.
  • Carpooling : Whatsapp groups exists for every class. Reach out to other parents to explore if carpooling is an option with students who stay nearby.
Remember, prepare in advance, set the positive tone for the class. Children learn best through exploration and creativity in a happy environment and that begins on the way to the class.
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