The Curious Case of the Cursed Crystal

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Our September 2023 performance, The Curious Case of the Cursed Crystal features Pre-primary, Primary and Grade 1 students, as well as our jazz dancers and National Youth Ballet Company. What you may not know, however, is the story of the crystal that weaves through many different lands and adventures. Let us enlighten you.
crystal mouse

City Mouse, The Loopy Living Library, 2017

In The Manicured Gardens of a European Mansion, the Girl Gang – Avantika, Anshika, Surabhi and Viana – are exploring an old house. There, they feel like something is not as it seems. The furniture begins to dance, and a tea party begins where some of the treats of the party begin to dance, too. Among the furniture, the girls discover a large, sparkling crystal – the Cursed Crystal. Amazed by its brilliance, they set to the side as they explore for more treasures. As they enter the mansion gardens, they are met with fairies of another realm who lead them to a hedge maze. Lost in the maze, the girls run around trying to find each other, until suddenly, another crystal appears. As they place the new crystal with the Cursed Crystal, they are transported to another land – The Breathtaking Underwater World of Oceania.

crystal sunshine

Sunshine, The Loopy Living Library, 2017

Stunned, the girls find themselves on a beach in Oceania, where they meet jellyfish, turtles, surfers and divers, until they finally enter a beautiful coral reef. Out of the coral reef another crystal appears, and the girls take it to the Great Crystal. Whoooosh – they are transported to the Mystical Masterpieces of Egyptian Pyramids. 

Gobsmacked to be once more thrown through space and time, the Girl Gang meet a group of explorers who lead them to the Egyptian pyramids, outside which the Egyptians are waiting to show them the way in. Inside the pyramid, the treasures of the pharaohs come to life swirling and whirling around the girls. Mummies climb out of their sarcophagi, and the hieroglyphics jump off the walls of the tombs in a crazy dance. In the midst of hieroglyphics, another crystal appears, but as the Girl Gang go to exit the pyramid, they are swirled around by the scarves of Egyptian dancers. Finally, they can place the crystal with the Great Crystal, and Zap! They are transported to The Frosty Frontier of the Arctic. 

wind loopy

Wind, The Loopy Living Library, 2017

In the Arctic, the Girl Gang dance with the Inuits, snowflakes and arctic foxes, until suddenly, a blizzard overcomes them. As they are thrown about in the snow storm, another crystal appears, and as the girls put it with their collection, Kapow! They are transported to The Lush Forest of the Amazon Jungle. 

Here, the Girl Gang dance with the flowers, birds, butterflies, monkeys and leopards of the forest, before they encounter the mighty Amazon River, where the final crystal appears to take them back home. 

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