What is Musical Theatre?

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musical theatre

Broadway, New York

Musical theatre is an exciting genre of the performing arts where song, drama, dance and dialogue come together to entrance the audience and carry them through a story. It is a much loved art form, with millions of tickets sold every year for popular shows across the world.  The two most well-known areas for musical theater are the West End in London and Broadway in New York. There are currently 39 West End and 41 Broadway theatres which showcase both musicals and plays, and most of them have 8 shows per week, over 6 days.

musical theatre

The Lion King, London. Photo: Dreamtime

Who performs musical theatre?

Musical theatre performers are singers, dancers and actors who have a broad range of skills withing the performing arts. They have often received specialised training to become musical theatre artists. This training is widely available in across the globe in performing arts colleges and universities, but is centralised around cities with a deep connection with the genre, such as New York and London.

In today’s competitive environment, the wider the variety of skills a performer has, the more likely they are to be successful in getting work. That is why performing arts colleges focus on a range of styles; ballet, jazz dance, singing, tap, drama, contemporary dance and choreography to name a few. This gives performers a wide range of skills, as well as the opportunity to specialise in a skill that they are passionate about and that may get them specific types of roles. Some performers may focus on dance, while others put more emphasis on singing. This will impact their choice of musicals and roles later on. While still attending college as students, performers receive guidance in their strengths and weaknesses, and in understanding how to become as versatile as possible. Theatres and directors are looking for well-rounded, strong performers, and the role of the training institutes is to hone this kind of performer. 

Aladdin musical

Aladdin the musical

Where can I try it out?

We offer the opportunity to get a taste of the world of stage performance which includes singing, acting and dancing through our annual summer program. This year, we are bringing Roald Dahl’s Matilda to life in our 2 week intensive which culminates in a small performance to conclude the experience. The musical includes a lot of singing and is the perfect opportunity for students who wish to get a glimpse into the world of musical theatre to dip their toes into the genre. 

Take a sneak peek at some Broadway and West End musicals!

Want to be part of this year’s summer intensive Matilda? Click the poster to sign up! And while you’re at it, check out our student magazine, En Avant. Click here to read about all that is ballet related. 

musical theatre

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