Choreography : Creating a dance that you can call yours

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It is Thursday and I am teaching my normal class as part of foundation’s Outreach&Education programme at Snehadaan.  I split the students into groups, and ask them to make a small phrase of choreography to the lyrics of a Hindi song that one of my friends gave me.  As the second group starts performing, something about their movement catches my …

From ballerina to a robot in Ex Machina

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You must be wondering what do ballerinas have to do with a psychological sci-fi thriller, one of the best in recent times. No, it doesn’t dazzle the viewers with ultra-high special effects, but what is captivating in the movie are the actors’ portrayal of the characters which is nothing short of spellbinding on a hot topic of recent times – Artificial Intelligence …

pelvic alignment

Pelvic alignment in yoga, ballet and life.

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In order to gain the most out of any practice that requires precision of the muscles, joints, bones and ligaments of the body, the physical alignment of the body is vital. This is highlighted both in Iyengar yoga and ballet – classes which also provide good lessons on how to stand, walk and sit outside the studio, in order to …


Callanetics: a ‘no drama’ route to fitness?

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Callanetics-the new entry in my personal dictionary of ‘ good words for life’. In my search to understand its roots, I came across this wonderful guest book created in memory of its founder Callan Pinckney.Pages after pages, Callanetics practitioners from across the world have expressed their gratitude to Callan for creating this  non-aerobic exercise. Said to be popular in the …

Why is yoga necessary for a dancer?

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As a dancer and a regular yoga practitioner, I am drawn to more dynamic styles of yoga, a favourite being Ashtanga. Think non-static poses that flow into one another as opposed to holding positions for extended periods of time. I do, however, attend Iyengar style classes to complement my ballet training. Even something like classical ballet can be asymmetrical if …

“But you have to be the best,” his mother told him. “Otherwise, I will pull you out.”

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Once principal dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet, Nikolai Tsiskaridze is one of the most decorated Russian dancers. He was born in Tbilisi, the capital of the then Soviet Republic of Georgia, on 31 December 1973. Although his father was a violin player and classical music was a regular part of his childhood, ballet was not a profession his parents would have …

Stretch or Strengthen? Ballet`s Perogative

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“Stretch only as much as you strengthen.” These words from Yana, my Ballet teacher, are what echo in my head after an Advanced Ballet class with the Artistic Director. At the time of the class, we were done with plies and cambrés to the back and instructed to proceed to the centre of the floor right after. The instruction to …

Jazz it up!

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If I am asked to explain about all the different styles I learnt in my first Jazz class at the Foundation, it would go something like this. ‘’There is excitement written all over my face as I enter the studio. Jazz , I am told, is one form of dancing that wears many faces because of the vast number of …

“For me as a dancer Yoga, Callanetics and Ballet at TLFCB are like proteins, vitamins and minerals for my dancing body.”

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When I expressed interest in joining Ballet classes at TLFCB, I was met with a lot of raised eyebrows and statements like, ”It’s not like you can become a Ballerina at this age;what will a belly dancer do with Ballet lessons?”. Some even assumed that I should be able to dance on my toes or have a 180 degree turnout. …