What Are Assessments, and What Are They Not?

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Many parents and students wonder about our assessment process. Is it a final test? Will students move to the next grade afterwards? How should the results be interpreted? Here is a quick guide to the key points of what the assessments are, and what they are not. What is an assessment? What is it not? A Progress Report Our assessment ...
Studying during ballet

Exam Time – Dance For Better Grades

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More often than not, dance is seen as merely an extracurricular; an after-school activity that we can afford to miss to complete homework or to study for the next set of exams. Although the physical advantages of attending classes are a given, dance also has a plethora of mental and emotional benefits that we never really think about. Dance It ...
TLFCB ballet students

Exam Insight

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Around this time two years ago, TLFCB held ISTD ballet exams for the first time ever in India. I sat in on all the exams because I played the music (some might even say ‘DJ-ed’) for ones that didn’t have a live pianist. In a few days, I’ll occupy the same seat next to the examiner. As the second exam ...
Exam Ready?

Are You Ready for your Exam?

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Examinations and assessments are a great asset to the growth of our dancers here at the Foundation. Every other year is spent solely on mastering technique and performance in preparation for exams and assessments, building strong roots and setting the right foundation in classical ballet. Months of training and practice are put in before we allow our dancers to take ...