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Benefits of Ballet Training for Children’s Physical, Mental, and Emotional Development

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Article posted with permission from Ballet training offers many benefits for children’s physical, mental, and emotional development. Some of the key benefits are Improves Physical Health: Ballet training helps children develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, which are essential for their overall physical health. Boosts Mental Health: Ballet requires focus and discipline, which can help children develop mental strength ...
ABS summer program

Summer Program – Irene Manning

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Irene Manning, dancer and dance mom, traveled with her daughter Radha and fellow dancer Jazzie to Melbourne, Australia in order for the girls to take part in the Australian Ballet School’s annual Summer Program. Here is an inside view of the experience from a dance parent who not only has two dancing daughters, but has a strong background in the ...

Get your child ready for ballet class in less than 10 minutes after school

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Getting your child ready for ballet class can be daunting ! Here are a few tips to help parents prepare their children for ballet class and ensure that they have the best experience possible in preparing to attend classes in the studio. Remember preparation is key ! Yay, its ballet class today : Inform your child in the morning itself ...