pelvic alignment

Pelvic alignment in yoga, ballet and life.

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In order to gain the most out of any practice that requires precision of the muscles, joints, bones and ligaments of the body, the physical alignment of the body is vital. This is highlighted both in Iyengar yoga and ballet – classes which also provide good lessons on how to stand, walk and sit outside the studio, in order to …

Why is yoga necessary for a dancer?

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As a dancer and a regular yoga practitioner, I am drawn to more dynamic styles of yoga, a favourite being Ashtanga. Think non-static poses that flow into one another as opposed to holding positions for extended periods of time. I do, however, attend Iyengar style classes to complement my ballet training. Even something like classical ballet can be asymmetrical if …

“For me as a dancer Yoga, Callanetics and Ballet at TLFCB are like proteins, vitamins and minerals for my dancing body.”

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When I expressed interest in joining Ballet classes at TLFCB, I was met with a lot of raised eyebrows and statements like, ”It’s not like you can become a Ballerina at this age;what will a belly dancer do with Ballet lessons?”. Some even assumed that I should be able to dance on my toes or have a 180 degree turnout. …