Choreography Competition 2024

Choreography in dance is a creative challenge that almost all dancers like to take up! With layers of ideas and multiple movements stringed together, it is the best way to dive into the rhythmic waves of dance.

You too, now have a chance to explore the same with Choreography Competition 2024. Whether you want to jump into a musical mode, dazzle with Ta Ki Ta’s or add the flair to Bollywood, the floor is all yours!


Auditions:  6 April 2024, Saturday, 4 PM, HQ Ulsoor

Finals: 26 April 2024, Friday, 12 PM, Shoonya, Lalbagh



  • The competition is open to two age groups: 7-12 years and 13-18 years. 
  • CLICK HERE to find the song options. Choose one of the edited song options provided to choreograph a 1-1.5 minute piece.
  • Each participant can make up to 2 entries (one solo and/or one group piece)
  • All dance styles are welcome but the participants must adhere to the music options provided. 
  • Judging criteria: style, musicality, performance, artistry and creativity
  • The choreography has to be the students’ original choreography. Pieces choreographed by others, and performed in shows or from YouTube will be disqualified.

To enter the competition:

  • Create a 1-1.5 minute dance piece of choreography to one of the music options provided. 
  • Fill in the entry form – CLICK HERE
  • Attend the Choreography Competition Auditions on 6 April 2024, Saturday at 4 PM at HQ, Ulsoor. 

If you are selected for the Finals:

  • Choreography Competition Finals will take place on 26 April, Friday  at 12 PM at Shoonya, Lalbagh.
  • Finalists will perform the same choreography at the finals in front of an audience. This is a live event. Parents, relatives, and friends are welcome to attend! 
  • Finalists should come prepared in appropriate attire/costume/makeup, and ready to perform from 12 PM onwards. 
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the event!

Prize categories:

  • 1st Prize (overall score for style, musicality, performance, artistry, and creativity)
  • Runner-up (overall score style, musicality, performance, artistry, and creativity)
  • Musicality Award (awarded for exceptional musicality)
  • Creativity Award (awarded for exceptional creativity)

Get creative and have fun!