FAQ – Assessments 2020


Any homework that my child can do to prepare ?

Please read through the required exercises in the assessment circular and familiarise themselves with content as and when it is covered in class. If any practice is already suggested by the teacher, we highly recommend it. Otherwise, being regular and focussed in class should help the child to be prepared for the assessment.


How do I know how my child fared in the assessment? What would they be rated on? Is what they do in the video solely going to decide their grade? 

Students will be graded on set assessment criteria according to the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) examination standard, and the grade is determined by what is on the video. A report card will be sent to you electronically with the grades and feedback on the assessment. Teachers are aware of new students to ballet and students new to their level. This will be taken into consideration during their assessment.


Will my child be promoted after assessment? What is the passing grade? What does my child need to do for getting promoted to next grade? Is it only skills or is physical development that comes with age and practice also one of the deciding factors?

Students are not automatically moved to the next grade after assessments. The assessment is progress assessment, and an opportunity for a formal evaluation and formal feedback from the teachers to the students and parents. Technical skill, musicality, and artistry are taken into account, in addition to physical and emotional maturity. In order to get moved to the next grade, students should meet the set assessment criteria according to the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) examination standard for their grade. Once the students have fully understood the syllabus content at their level and developed the required awareness, practice can help them gain strength and consistency. However practicing without having full understanding of the movements might result in the child practicing a movement wrong. Hence we recommend practicing only after teacher’s approval. Consistent class attendance and attentiveness in class will ensure that each student performs to the best of their ability in the assessment. 


Will there be a report card ? How will I get the report card? When will I get it ?

Yes, we send an individual report card electronically to each student within 3 months of completion of the assessment. Students who are ready to move to the next grade will receive a certificate in addition to the report card. Please ensure your email address is up to date to ensure you receive the report. We will be communicating individually to each grade in advance before sending out the reports.


What does the school do after the assessment? How does the organization / assessment help the child progress in ballet training? What can I as a parent do to help the child progress to the next grade?

Upon assessment completion, the school evaluates each student’s progress and sends out individual progress reports. Students who are ready to move to the next grade are contacted individually. 

The assessment helps the parent/child to receive formal feedback from the teachers and understand the child’s performance in class. It will highlight areas of improvement that will help the child understand corrections better. It is also serves as a motivational experience for students to push themselves to improve technically by retaining corrections and practicing ahead of the assessment. Offering support and motivation both through regular classes and through the assessment process is the best help parents can offer.


Who should I contact if I want to check if I have shot the video correctly? Who should I contact if I have issues uploading the video?

You can get in touch with one of our administrators who will be happy to help you with your queries.


Any sample videos that parents can see to understand visually how to shoot the videos?

The instructions have been given clearly in the assessment circular as well as during classes. However if you have any further questions you can contact our administrators.