Mime Competition 2022

Are you ready to take your creative skills to a new level? Here’s a challenge for you!

The NEW Mime Competition – Super Heroes

What is Mime?

In ballet, dancers tell the story through body movements, facial expressions and gestures rather than words – something we practice a lot in pre-primary and primary classes. The mime is used to relay specific elements of the story, such as feelings and events.

We want you to show us your mime skills through your favourite Super Hero.
To Enter the Competition:
  1. Choose a Super Hero and their super power
  2. Create a mime of no more than 2 minutes that showcases:
        • the Super Hero
      • their power and how they use it
      • at least 4 different steps from your current ballet class level
  3. Record the mime and upload it by August 31st HERE 
  • The competition is open to three age groups: 4-7 years, 8-12 years and 13-18 years
  • The judging criteria include originality, style, performance, artistry and creativity
  • All mimes have to be students’ own original work, not pieces copied from an existing ballet. Students may, however, use classical ballet mime gestures in their piece
  • In this competition, you can use music in the background and wear a costume, however students should NOT use props. The emphasis is on using actions, expressions and gestures rather than props.
Get creative and have fun!