Performances 2021 – A Guide – G2 and above

Below you will find all the information you require for the online performances. Important dates and uniform information are mentioned for each class. A detailed plan for recording is also provided. Please mark the dates in your calendars, and make sure you have familiarised yourself with the recording guidelines before the day of recording.
*PLEASE NOTE: students need a parent or guardian present in the recording class to record the performance
*All students need pink ballet shoes and pink ballet tights. This is part of the TLFCB uniform and can be purchased on
Recording Dates

Grade 2 HQ 10am, Sunday – December 5th
Grade 2 HQ 12:30pm, Sunday – December 5th
Grade 3 HQ, Wednesday – December 8th
Grade 4 HQ, Wednesday – December 8th
Grade 3 HQ, Thursday – December 9th
Grade 2 Koramangala, Friday – December 10th
Grade 4 HQ, Saturday – December11th
Grade 3 HQ, Sunday – December12th


Grade 2 – Black leotard, black skirt, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes
Grade 3 and above – Black leotard, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes

The Recording Session

For Grade 2, 3 and Grade 4 students still dancing at home, each student will be recording the choreography at home with the help of parents or guardians. The recording will be done during their class time to ensure that all students are confident in the choreography and have the teacher’s help.
Grade 5 and above students are welcome to record their choreography in the studio according to their online studio bookings.

What to do before the day of recording

Make sure the student has a correct uniform for the recording. Make sure you have a recording device – a phone camera is sufficient.

What to do on the day of recording 

Parents, be ready to be present for the entire duration of the class. It is helpful if you are able to watch the first half of the class as it will give you an opportunity to see the choreography and know how to best record it. The recording will take place in the second half of the class. 

Guidelines for recording:
  1. We will be recording the full choreography a few times. Please ensure that you have space on your device to record at least 2-3 times, so that the student can choose the best version.
  2. Shoot in  landscape (horizontal) format. Please see image below:
    recording guide
  3. Wherever possible, have the background as plain as you can. If there are items that can be easily removed such as chairs or plants, please do so.
  4. Please ensure that the full profile of the student is visible in the recording, from the feet to the head. We recommend doing a test recording before the performance day.
    recording guide 2
  5. Stand next to the student’s screen so you capture them in case they watch the teacher on Zoom.
  6. Do not worry about the music or any background noises during the recording – we will be adding a clean audio track onto the recordings in the process of editing.
What to do after recording the videos

Upload the videos into the Google Drive link which we will be sharing on the whatsapp group directly.

Name the videos StudentName – for example RheaSharma.mp4

Videos should be uploaded within 1 WEEK of recording. Please see the exact date in the table above.
Upload Files Here
Sunday Grade 2 10am HQ Ms Sushmitha Click Here
Sunday Grade 2 12.30 pm HQ Ms Sushmitha Click Here
Wednesday Grade 3 HQ Ms Sushmitha Click Here
Wednesday/Saturday Grade 4 HQ Ms Yana Click Here
Wednesday/Saturday Grade 5 HQ Ms Yana Click Here
Wednesday Intermediate Ms Yana Click Here
Thursday Grade 3 HQ Ms Elina Click Here
Friday Grade 2 KOR Ms Elina Click Here
Sunday Grade 6 HQ Ms Yana Click Here
Sunday Grade 3 HQ Ms Yana Click Here
Sunday Advanced Ballet Ms Yana Click Here
The students have a research presentation paper on the classical ballet that their choreography is from. This will be due on the 9th January. This should include an outline of the original ballet, where the choreography appears, a basic history of the ballet and the choreographer and composer. Presentations are to be uploaded in the performance folder together with the performance video.
When students return to the studio, please bring the presentations printed and mounted so we can display them in our studios.


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