Recital 2023

Recital 2023 will be a demonstration of work that we used to enhance our artistic interpretation and knowledge of excerpts from traditional classical ballets during the pandemic. This recital culminates the training and hard work put in by the students despite the various challenges they faced during the pandemic and online classes. We are delighted to return to the stage.

Along with the performance there will be an exhibition of students’ research work on the ballet that their excerpt is from. This enables a more holistic understanding of the traditional classical ballets and their content within the storyline, incorporating knowledge of composers and choreographers.

Venue and passes

The recital will be held at Ambedkar Bhavan on Sunday the 29th of January at 5pm. It will be for a duration of one hour. We will be having free seating. 

Student participants

This is an excellent opportunity for the students to perform in front of an audience and develop their performance skills. Students from grade 3 onwards, with regular attendance are invited to perform in the recital. 


Students will be required to wear a thin strap exam style black leotard with a rehearsal tutu, or other skirt, details for each class will be sent to you separately. We are not having specific costumes as this is just a recital. A rehearsal tutu is a valuable item for all dancers and can be worn in rehearsals in the future. 


Practice for the recital will happen during the students’ regular class schedule. There will be no additional rehearsals with the exception of the recital day. Students will be requested to come early on the day of the recital for an onstage rehearsal. 

Who should watch the recital?

Friends and families of the participants, students of ballet from all levels and anyone interested in classical ballet would enjoy watching the recital. It will be an excellent opportunity to watch a live ballet performance  since we have very few such opportunities.

How is it different from our biennial production ?

Our biennial shows are full fledged performances with our entire school participating. These shows follow a storyline. We use elaborate costumes for the various characters in the story. The recital is a collection of group pieces and solos. It has only selected senior students with regular attendance and consistent effort  participating. Students wear simple practice tutus or class uniforms to perform.