What is Callanetics?


Callanetics and Pilates are non-aerobic safe exercise methods developed by Callan Pinckney and Joseph Pilates respectively, to improve overall well being. They increase strength, stamina and flexibility . 

With a thorough understanding of the human anatomy, our comprehensive exercise programme combines Callanetics and Pilates. Each of the classes will have a focus – after a general warm-up, a set of exercises is executed that will focus on a specific area of the body, like the back, the legs, or arms. Our classes adapt all the exercises to suit individuals and their personal needs. The attention to detail also ensures that all our students obtain the maximum benefits of the exercises while guaranteeing that they remain injury free.

Benefits of Callanetics and Pilates:

  • Low-impact, safe and sensible exercise form
  • Holistic fitness and enhanced body awareness
  • Increases flexibility, strength, agility, endurance, and coordination without adding muscle bulk (weight)
  • Develops strength rapidly through intense, carefully designed abdominal exercises
  • Aids weight reduction and improved blood circulation
  • Alleviates back pain and other chronic ailments
  • Safe for pregnant women and enhances overall health during pregnancy (pre and post natal)
  • Improves technique for athletes
  • Enhances your aerobic and gym workout
  • Improves posture, core strength and dynamic stability
  • Can help diabetic conditions
  • Releases stress
  • Aids injury prevention
  • Anti-ageing exercise, because it tones and strengthens the muscles
  • Less  impact on joints
  • Stimulates all internal organs and sends blood into the nerve endings, improves skin tone, circulation and reduces cellulite

Callanetics classes offered

Recommended Minimum Age : 16 and above, boys and girls

Frequency of classes: Once or twice a week

Class Schedule :

Wednesday @St. John`s Church Road, 11am – 12pm

Saturday @St. John`s Church Road, 11am – 12 pm


@ St. Johns Road, near Commercial Street / Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 

craigCraig Raynes - Director / Geophysicist at IndiGEO Consultants Pvt Limited

A desire to be a fit in his 40’s got him back into cycling several years ago. Craig Raynes, an avid cycling and fitness enthusiast felt he wasn’t getting the full body workout that he needed and so took up Callanetics with Yana Lewis several years ago.

“While each session stretched me to my limits I soon started feeling the holistic benefits of these sessions, and became hooked to such an extent that I really missed the twice-weekly sessions if I was out of station due to work commitments.

Callanetics has definitely improved my core strength and overall body symmetry, with Yana’s expert eye being able to identify any issues and modify any of the session exercises accordingly. I’d thoroughly recommend  regular sessions of Callanetics to anyone of any age.”


Frequently Asked Questions
NO! The great thing about Callanetics is that it is suitable for adults of any age/physical capability. Each individual performs the exercises to the best of their efforts, and modifications are given by the teacher in case of any injuries.