Circular dated 10 Jan 2019, Thursday

Dear Students and Parents,

We at TLFCB wish you a very Happy New Year 2019, and welcome you back to a year of dance. Last year ended with exams and assessments for Primary, Graded and Vocational students. We are still eagerly anticipating the exam results, and are in the process of writing assessment reports.

This year is our show year! The preparations have already begun, and we look forward to seeing our students shine onstage again in September and December.

We will be holding open classes for parents to view their children’s progress from pre-primary to grade 1 classes. In these classes we will talk to you further about the expectations of each grade of the syllabus and general knowledge regarding learning classical ballet. The open classes will be held in February, and more information will be shared closer to the time.

In addition to open classes and the shows, we have a host of exciting events lined up for the coming year. We are excited to give our students a glimpse of what full-time dance school is like during the annual summer school in May, and can’t wait to watch entries from our talented student body in our upcoming choreographic competition!

With all this and more to look forward to, we wish you an exciting  year of dance!