Circular dated 15 Jan 2018, Monday

Dear Students and Parents,

We at TLFCB wish you a very Happy New Year 2018, and welcome you back to a year of dance at the school. Last year ended with our two shows, The Loopy Living Library and Belle and Beast, and what an end it was! The students rose to our every challenge and gave us two spectacular performances – we are thrilled with the outcome! The personal, artistic and technical growth across the student body was evident throughout the performances, and we as a team loved watching this transformation in our students over the year 2017.

The photos of Belle and The Beast will be available on Smugmug for you to download by the end of the week. The video is being edited this week. We take care to use the best footage possible to include all students. This should be available by next week.

This year, we will will holding internal assessments as well as the externally assessed ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet examinations for grades Primary and upwards. Students will be working towards their class assessments or examinations, and exam assessment classes will be held at a later date. This is to ensure that all students get the attention, time and motivation they need to reach their full potential in each grade.

At TLFCB, we follow the ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet syllabus and its criteria. The syllabus comprises of defined technical steps and exercises for each grade, but it also encompasses performance quality, musicality, the ability to pick up exercises, and the understanding of the French terminology used in the grade. When we decide to move a student up to the next grade, we ensure that all these criteria are fully mastered, making sure that the students have the best possible start in the higher grade. Each student is thoroughly discussed between the teachers and our Artistic Director Yana before any decisions are taken.

We will be holding open classes for parents to view their children’s progress from pre-primary classes upwards. In these classes we will talk to you further about the expectations of each grade of the syllabus and general knowledge regarding learning classical ballet.

In addition to open classes, assessments and examinations, we have a host of exciting events lined up for the coming year. We look forward to holding new auditions for our Junior Dance Company and watching them perform at events and festivals nationally. We are also excited to give our students a glimpse of what full-time dance school is like during the annual summer school in April, and can’t wait to watch entries from our talented student body in our upcoming choreographic competition! There will also be numerous opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and artistry in drawing, arts and crafts, and makeup over the course of the year. In addition, we are looking into taking some of our talented students to the Imperial Ballet Awards in Malaysia.

With all this to look forward to, we wish you an exciting  year of dance!