COVID – 19 – precautionary measures

With the mounting awareness and concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we feel that it is our social responsibility to ensure all necessary notifications  issued by the State Government and other credible bodies such as WHO, CDC and India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, are considered and appropriate precautionary steps are implemented for the health and safety of our students and the community. 

Here is some information as well as measures already implemented for the safety of our students and the community.

Stringent cleaning practices at all studios have been put in place:
  • Strict disinfecting of facilities(including barres, flushes, taps, bolts, handles etc)
  • Students made to sanitise hands with sanitiser before entering the studio and after using the toilet
  • We make sure children refrain from touching other children in class or holding hands
  • Children with cough or  flu-like symptoms have been requested to stay away from classes
  • Students and staff  are requested to use the hand sanitiser
What can you do?
  • Follow all local and international travel and health advisories.
  • Check the class whatsapp groups regularly for updates from TLFCB
  • Maintain simple personal hygiene measures:
    • Wash your hands regularly
    • Use hand sanitiser if hand washing is not available
    • Cover your nose and mouth every time you sneeze.  Use a disposable tissue; if not available then sneeze into your upper arm to prevent your hands becoming contaminated with viruses
    • Throw tissues away into bins immediately
Have you travelled abroad recently?

TLFCB has students from around Bangalore and other countries. It is critical that you read the following instructions carefully for your safety and the community around us.

If you have travelled to any of the countries on the CDC Risk Level 3 list, we would ask that you remain away from ballet classes for 14 symptom-free days from when you left the Risk Level 3 country.  This also applies to any friends or guests who you are in contact with.

Please be aware that the Risk Level 3 list is being updated continually and we would therefore ask that you check the CDC guidelines.