Pre-professional Training


The pre- professional programme is a more intensive course than TLFCB’s regular classes. It is specifically designed to give the student an in-depth technical fundamental training, and then to help them progress towards the higher artistic levels of classical ballet.

The course runs for one year, and is offered to students with some previous dance experience. It is tailor made to suit each individuals ability, and includes classes in Classical Ballet, Callanetics and Pilates, jazz dance, and individual guided practice sessions. Importance is placed on the student attending all these classes and not only the classical ballet, as the additional classes complement the student’s understanding of technique, musicality and artistry, as well as building the muscle strength, shape and form needed for the demands of Classical Ballet.

The pre- professional training programme can be tailored to suit the serious ballet student wishing to gain entry into full-time vocational dance schools abroad. This would normally take 3 years of intense training, and the student would need to audition for this kind of placement at TLFCB. Intermediate standard in classical ballet needs to be attained in order to audition for full-time vocational dance schools abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions
Depending on talent, natural ability and the work you put in, there are a number of working opportunities  available in dance. The pre- professional training programme prepares you for further dance studies that you can pursue after its completion that will leave you well-equipped to explore the various avenues for work in the dance world, such as Research, Performance, Choreography and Journalism which all require a working knowledge of dance technique and artistry.