Private Classes

Private classes are designed to help committed students develop their technical and artistic skills in a one-on-one setting with a teacher. These classes are currently taught online on Zoom.

What can students expect from private classes?

Students can expect a tailored class that is focused on their individual technical and artistic needs. The class will be taught at their current grade level in ballet.

Who can do private classes?

Private classes are available to current TLFCB students from Grade 1 and above.
*Availability of classes is under the discretion of the teachers.

Frequently asked questions

The length of the class depends on the Grade of the student. Higher grade students’ classes are ….., lower grade students’ classes are…..

Qualified teachers of the foundation teach the class. It is not possible for the student to choose the teacher; it is under the discretion of the directors.

This depends on the individual student and the goals set for the private class(es) by the student and teacher. It also depends on the number and regularity of classes. 

Private classes are designed as an addition to regular group classes. Attending only private classes is not possible.