En Avant – Our Magazine

En Avant Magazine was founded in August 2021 by TLFCB students Maya Haridas and Siddhie Pillai, with its first issue published in November the same year. It is an online and hard copy publication written and run by students who are passionate about spreading knowledge and understanding of the art of ballet both in our own community and beyond.
Below is a library of all the En Avant issues to date. Be sure to click on the fullscreen view button at the bottom of each magazine to enjoy the full experience.
NEW ISSUE! June/July 2023 – Issue 11

Dance for Everyone

May/June 2023 – Issue 10

Power of Dance

March/April 2023 – Issue 9

Summer Sun

January/February 2023 – Issue 8

Back on Stage

November/December 2022 – Issue 7


September/October 2022 – Issue 6

Dancing with Spirit

July/August 2022 – Issue 5

The Path to Professional

May/June 2022 – Issue 4

See the Music, Hear the Dance

March/April 2022 – Issue 3

Peek into the Past

January/February 2022 – Issue 2

Sauté in 2022

Winter 2021 – Issue 1

World Ballet Day