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Full time positions
1.Public Relations / PR, Marketing, Communications

Wanted around 3 years experience, seasoned, outgoing, disciplined and meticulous public relations officer. You will be primarily responsible for managing the public image of the Foundation and expanding it’s reach via traditional as well as digital media. You should be well connected with the media industry and should enjoy socializing and connecting with people & media. Fundraising experience in the non-profit sector will be an added advantage. Position is for Bangalore and you will work directly with the top management.

You should possess excellent written & oral communication skills.

Number of vacancies: 1
Reports to : Executive Director, Artistic Director
Required language:

  • English, Kannada


  • At par with the industry

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Internships ( Duration: 2-3 months)
1.Creative storyteller who is stellar with the camera and post-production

Are you passionate about photography and videography especially dance? Do you love telling stories via this medium? Have you captured subjects with high shutter speed? Are you comfortable shooting subjects in manual mode? Are you good with lighting ? Do you have the patience to sit through rehearsals to understand the choreography so that you can capture the moments by anticipating the movements during the final shooting?  Can you creatively conceptualise and actualize? Are you open to criticism? Are you hungry to push beyond your limits and learn every waking moment on the job? Can you work in the team?  Are you fantastic in communicating your ideas? Are you a good listener? Are you active on social media?

If your answer to at least 80% of the above questions is yes, please send us your resume along with the list of equipment you use and preferably share your portfolio and drop us a line.

Number of internships: 1 only

Reports to : Executive Director, Artistic Director

Works with : Dancers, Choreographers, Teachers, Students and other people supporting us.

Location : Bangalore

2. Social media marketing and content writing

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship:

  1. He/she will be the face of the Foundation on all social media networks and will be responsible for improving the visibility of the brand and engaging customers on these platforms working along side the PR team.
  2. He/she will be required to create relevant content for these medias, keeping in mind the current trends in the social media world.
  3. If you are already a social media addict, who is a natural at creating  eye catching facebook posts , loves to tweet most of the time and cannot get enough of Instagram pictures, then your work just got easier.

Number of internships: 2

Reports to : Executive Director, Artistic Director

Works with : Dancers, Choreographers, Teachers, Students and other people supporting us.

Location : Bangalore

Additional information

  1. Your CV will be your own social media networks. 🙂
  2. You will have the opportunity to attend  all classes at the foundation for free.
  3. Candidates who perform exceptionally well will be considered for job offer.
3. Graphic Designer

You are good and fast with taking the design “brief” and work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software to create amazing visuals that speak stories. You can think creatively and develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts and cultivate a solid body of work. You have strong ability to interact, communicate and present ideas. You are willing to learn and keep up to date with industry leading software and technologies (In Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc)

Number of internships: 1 only

Reports to : Executive Director, Artistic Director

Works with : Dancers, Choreographers, Teachers, Students and other people supporting us.

Location : Bangalore

Why us?

We are India’s premier classical ballet school affiliated to the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London. We are over 9 years old now and our dream is to be Asia’s best ballet academy and performing arts company. We swear by our uncompromising attitude towards providing highest quality training to our students in a world-class environment. All our teachers are ISTD (worldwide recognized from London) qualified and come from abroad and are equally if not more passionate about Ballet and providing the best to the students.

The class environment is nurturing yet challenging much like the work environment in office. We believe in transparency and giving our best to whatever we embark on. We are professionals yet fun loving. We love the diversity in our team, which works very closely together. Being resourceful, street smart, solution oriented, experiment and fail fast to learn and grow is encouraged. We are all connected to Ballet or dance in some form. We love creativity and have a strong sense of what is excellent, good and so-so in the world of dance. We use every experience at work, to learn, apply ourselves and grow. We spend hours preparing costumes for shows, designing brochures, tweaking the website, writing blogs, pushing ourselves but don’t be surprised if you catch us watching stupefying ballet videos and choreographies from inspiring companies and dancers from over the world or sweating it out in ballet, Yoga or Pilates classes. Yes, everyone at work has free access to all classes to be fit and creatively charged up!

So if you are up for this, dive into the following vacancies we have at the moment. If you feel you don’t fit into any of them but would still like to work for us, send in your resume anyway, as we never stop looking for bright minds.

Last thing…

What you MUST posses to join us?

Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

Hard working – there is no way around it

Passion for dance or arts – you will never feel you are working this way

Self starter and resourceful – no matter what your experience we don’t believe in spoon feeding. We are there to guide you, help you. Make mistakes (no we won’t shout at you for that), learn, apply yourself and grow.

Respect everyone – in and out of office… period!

Be open to candid feedback and take it professionally. Keep egos aside. No matter what your age or experience, everybody’s opinions matter.

Organized, disciplined and detail oriented. Yes, we do sweat the small stuff. The devil lies in the detail.

Tech and internet savvy


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