Studio Regulations

The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet regulations are designed to ensure a productive environment for all, to prevent injury, to promote excellence, and to make your time with  the Foundation as rewarding as possible.  Please, take the time to review this information and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular, punctual attendance is important to a student’s progress. Being on time for class is essential.  Dancers should not disrupt class by entering late or leaving early. Classes begin with warm up exercises to prevent injuries that might result from more difficult moves to follow.  If a student is more than ten minutes late, she/he will be asked to observe the remainder of class as it will not be possible for them to be properly warmed up to join the other dancers. Dancers who have to leave early are required to get prior permission from their teacher. While show preparations are in progress all students must notify the Foundation Office at +919845280377 of any absence or tardiness.  Failure to contact the Foundation office could affect your eligibility for casting of roles in the shows, or promotion to the next level.

Make Up Classes

During summer vacation, ie April, May every year, if students miss some classes due to travel, they are provided the option of making up those missed classes. These make up classes have to be taken during the April and May months , in the same year. Depending on the options available , they can be taken at your main centre or you may choose to attend them at another centre, probably with a different teacher. Please coordinate with your class adminstrator to find a suitable class.

Class strengths during these months are also below par and hence it is not a big challenge to accommodate students in other classes.
In June classes are full again so only in exceptional circumstances of injury /illness can we accommodate this request.

During show years, students participating in the shows will also attend extra rehearsals and may receive extra training depending on the parts they play. Rest assured, you are not losing out on anything as the annual fees covers rehearsals and these vacation periods.

Evaluation and Placement

Every other year, students receive an end of the year evaluation . This report card is given to the student after all assessments are completed for all students. However, teachers may recommend advancement of a student at any level during the course of the year.  Placement recommendations are entirely at the discretion of teachers and the Artistic Director.  The Artistic Director will make a final decision in the event of a disagreement concerning appropriate placement.

Parents are requested to trust our knowledge and not compare their children with other children in terms of grades and progress. Every child is unique and that’s how we respect each individual in terms of progress.

Class Observation

Parents may attend class during our predetermined Open Class Weeks, or with special permission from the teacher. For young children (under 7 years old), parents are expected to accompany their child to the studio classroom, and wait in the waiting area or outside the studio closeby (if waiting area is unavailable) until class is finished.  There is a scheduled observation opportunity each year.  Please consult the school calendar.


The Foundation maintains a dress code to encourage improved concentration.  The dress code further enables muscles and physique to be seen clearly, and defines and continues the lines of the body.

All uniforms should be kept clean and neat. Holes and frayed edges must be mended. Dance and pointe shoes should never be worn outside the building. Warmers may not be worn during class.   Watches, jewellery and safety pins should not be worn in the studio.   A female student’s hair should be confined in a bun so that it is immobile, does not distract the audience, hit other dancers or impede turns or head movements.

Students who are not properly attired will be required to leave class so they may change into appropriate dance clothing.

Class uniform may be purchased from Fitness and Fairies Dancewear shop situated on Wood Street. You may either purchase online from or visit them. Fitness and Fairies is closed on Mondays.

Attire Requirement by Class Level

Pre-Primary , Primary, Grade 1 Ballet

Girls – All ballet pink leotard, ballet pink tights and canvas/satin/leather pink colour ballet shoes.

Boys – White t-shirts, black tights or shorts and black canvas ballet shoes.

Grade 2 and upwards

Ladies – Black camisole or tank leotard, pink tights and pink canvas ballet shoes.

Gentlemen – White leotard (or tight t-shirt), black tights, dance belt and black canvas ballet shoes.

Junior Jazz

Students should wear comfortable dance clothing and soft-soled jazz shoes.

Adults Jazz

Students should wear comfortable dance clothing and soft-soled jazz shoes.

Junior Dance Company dress code

  • All students must wear their hair pulled neatly into a bun.  Student’s with hair too short for a bun must have hair secured away from the face.
  • Camisole or tank style black leotard.
  • Pink tights.
  • Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.
  • Warmers and/or skirts may only be worn at the discretion of the instructor.

Class and Rehearsal Etiquette

  • Dancers should be respectful of the instructors and their fellow dancers at all times.
  • Students are not to leave the building until excused by an instructor or the Foundation office staff.
  • Students should not disrupt class by talking, entering late or leaving early.
  • Students may not enter the studio if a class other than their own is in session.
  • Unless specified by the teacher, students may not “warm-up” in a studio when another class is in session.
  • Unless specified by the teacher, students may not wait in the studio for their class to start if another class is in session.
  • Students may only carry water into the studio. Students cannot chew gum, carry food or drink into the studio.

Social Media/Electronic Device Policy

In addition to our website and print promotional materials, TLFCB also uses facebook to post announcements, photos, videos, and other newsworthy items concerning TLFCB, its students, and the dance world at large. We encourage all TLFCB families to follow us on Facebook to view up-to-date announcements as they occur.

Please note that under no circumstances is a student/family permitted to post video content of TLFCB choreography and/or performances on any social media platform without receiving explicit, prior permission from the administration and/or Artistic Director.  Personal photos of you are exempt from this policy.

Students and parents should neither claim nor imply that they are speaking on behalf of TLFCB.  Dancers may represent TLFCB in the media only if approved by a member of TLFCB Staff to communicate on a specific topic. Dancers and Families are not allowed to speak to the media without the express permission to do so.

Electronic devices will no longer be permitted in dressing rooms.

Photography is not allowed in dressing rooms. No Exceptions!

Participation in Productions

The Foundation produces two major productions bi-annually.

Please note that attendance at the classes does not guarantee participation in ALL productions/competitions and students will be required to audition. If selected, a performance fee will be required for all participants. The students participating in the production must continue to attend classes regularly in order to maintain technique.

Casting for all roles is entirely at the discretion of the Artistic Director. Only the Artistic Director can select and determine which students deserve to represent the Foundation at any competitions, festivals, etc. The Artistic Director will provide rehearsal and casting information at the earliest possible date.

Students and parents must be fully committed to attend all rehearsals and performances as scheduled. Dress rehearsals are mandatory.  Students who miss more than one rehearsal will not be allowed to perform.

Fee Policies

Fee is to be paid at the beginning of each term and is non-refundable. If not paid on time before the due date a late fee will be applicable Registration fee will be charged once only and it is valid for a lifetime. Fees must be current in order for the student to attend class and participate in productions.

Studio Use

Our studio is available for rent at the management’s discretion. A separate contract has to be signed for using the studio.

Studio rules

  • No shoes inside the studio.
  • Care should be taken that water isn’t spilt on the studio floor.
  • No food should be eaten inside the studio.
  • Bags can be kept in the cubicles and not left on the studio floor unless specified.
  • Hanging on the barres and touching the mirrors is prohibited. As it could lead to damage and injury.
  • Touching and writing on the walls is not allowed as it will stain and dirty the white walls.
  • Parents are not allowed to wait inside the studio, only outside in the waiting area. Waiting inside the office is prohibited.
  • It is recommended not to use the office bathroom, if needed the bathroom inside the studio can be used, as long as it doesn’t cause a hinderance during class time.
  • A basic decorum must be maintained by the people waiting outside, as loud chatter disturbs the atmosphere of learning and training.
  • No one except the teachers are allowed near the music systems.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the studio and wait inside while another class is in progress as it is a distraction and hinderance to the flow of class.

Lost Property 

If any items have been left behind at the studio, it has to be claimed within a month from the lost and found.