Stretch and Beyond for Ballet

Stretch and Beyond for Ballet is a class tailored for students of ballet who wish to improve classical technique through stretching and strengthening exercises. Emphasis is placed on maintaining correct alignment and strength throughout the class, as they are vital to support flexibility.

What can I expect from the class?

Students can expect a class that enhances their current levels of flexibility and strength. With regular attendance, students will feel a noticeable improvement in their regular ballet classes.

Why is flexibility important?

Classical ballet is a highly technical art form. As students progress, flexibility, strength and placement become increasingly important in order to create the correct lines. Stretch and Beyond for Ballet is specifically designed to enhance this.

Dress Code

Either ballet uniform without skirt and shoes, or a leotard with dance shorts. Classes are done bare feet. No baggy t-shirts, tops, pants or shorts.

Time and Place

Tuesdays, 5pm - 6pm
Currently online, at HQ in Ulsoor in future


Students need to be at Grade 1 Imperial Classical Ballet level or above

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. You need to be a ballet student at TLFCB to attend the classes. New students can join SBB at the same time as joining ballet.

You can join our ballet classes by registering HERE. Once you are attending ballet classes, you can also attend SBB

Get in touch with the administration to inform the teacher of your injuries. The teacher will be able to guide you through the class.

You need an exercise mat.