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At the Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet, yoga classes are conducted on a regular basis, from beginners and general levels, to advanced.

Our Teachers

Yana Lewis has been a yoga practitioner for 35 years, and came to India in 1998 for here Guru BKS Iyengar’s 80th birthday celebration. Yana has practiced many forms of yoga, and bases her practice and teaching on the detail of the Iyengar method, while incorporating her own knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology gained through her career as a classical dancer and teacher. She started her yoga classes in Bangalore in 2005, and continues to teach the advanced yoga classes at TLFCB on Mondays. Yana has also taught yoga in the USA, and wrote a chapter for the book ‘Iyengar The Yoga Master‘ in 2007, a dedication to Guruji BKS Iyengar’s life and work.

Elina Wisung began her yoga journey with Yana while in high school in Bangalore. Since then she has continued her practice in Bangalore and Stockholm. She is a certified Introductory II Level Iyengar Yoga teacher under the training of Monica Haar from New Zealand. Elina teaches beginners and general level yoga at TLFCB.


 Benefits of Iyengar Yoga

• Increase flexibility, agility and coordination
• Tone, firm and strengthen muscles
• Improve posture
• Improve circulation
• Balance the functioning of organs and glands
• Increase stamina and endurance
• Relieve many back, neck, and other health problems
• Enhance performance in sport and other physical activities
• Improve concentration and mental clarity
• Reduce stress and teach relaxation
• Create a feeling of confidence and well being

Yoga classes offered

Recommended Minimum Age : 16 and above, teens and adults

Currently the classes are paused. Follow us on social media for yoga events.

UntitledMaureen Gonsalves, Cultural Co-ordinator, Goethe-Insitut/Max Mueller Bhavan



“Yana has this knack of making you feel like a star – even if you are light years away from stardom! I first met her sometime in 2003 and she soon became not just a fitness instructor and teacher, but friend and inspiration. Through her yoga and callanetics classes – to which I am hopelessly addicted – I have developed a deep understanding of my body and the right way to tap the the potential that lay hidden behind decades of incorrect and dis-use. Progress has been slow but steady, and I feel younger and fitter than ever before. Thanks Yana!”


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    Wanted to know about the yoga classes? I am a beginner in Yoga. Would love to hear about the program (schedule, fees, does it cater to special needs like spondylitis care in yoga).

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