world ballet day 2023

World Ballet Day 2023

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This year, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of World Ballet Day, and everyone who was lucky enough to watch the live stream throughout the day was treated to an incredible show of talent, passion and artistry. Scroll down to watch some of our favourite companies and clips from the day.
The Royal Ballet

One of our favourite companies, the Royal Ballet in London, showed us once more why they remain one of the top companies in the world. The 5-hour long stream will keep you in awe with incredible dancing. Every year, one of our favourite parts is the company class at the beginning of the stream. It is beautiful to see the dancers warming up and working on their technique in preparation for rehearsals and shows. Enjoy!

Teatro Alla Scala

If you want to see some partnering work, or pas de deux, take a look at Teatro Alla Scala’s rehearsal – it’s beautiful to watch the team work between the dancers. There is also a contemporary section later on in the video.

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Watch Birmingham Royal Ballet’s stream to see ex Principal dancer Darcey Bussell give a master class on Princess Aurora and Prince Florimund. Bussell is famous for her role as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, so this class is a treasure.

San Francisco Ballet

Don’t miss San Francisco Ballet – it begins with men’s class, and continues into women’s class, Swan Lake rehearsals, interviews, a pas de deux, and contemporary rehearsals – a real mix! Don’t miss Misa Kuranaga’s beautiful Odette, and legend and Artistic Director of the company Tamara Rojo’s interview.

Boston Ballet

Boston Ballet, like many others, begin with a beautiful in-studio morning class, but don’t miss the short stage performance later in the video! At 1 hour 23 minutes, there is also a short, beautiful solo from a rehearsal – worth watching.

The Bayerische Staatsoper

The Bayerische Staatsoper shows us a lovely company class, with a particularly fun allegro section towards the end of the class. Watch it and be inspired to jump higher, more turned out, and with all the height and might that you’ve got!

Paris Opera Ballet

Another strong favourite in the ballet world, a coveted company to join, and the oldest ballet company in the world, is the Paris Opera Ballet. The company still rehearse in the Opera House Palais Garnier, where the first performance was held in 1875, and you can spot the beautiful windows of the palace in the stream. Watch their company class, and then get back in the studio to start working on your technique!

Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo have an interesting contemporary rehearsal after the company ballet class, reminding us how ballet technique carries dancers through so many other technical genres and styles. We love the pianists music choices in this class.

English National Ballet

English National Ballet’s rehearsal of Akram Khan’s Giselle – not to be missed! You’ll witness stunning choreography and technique in this contemporary rendition of the traditional classical ballet. The company rehearse both Act 1 and Act 2 in the stream.

Australian Ballet

And finally, we have The Australian Ballet – co-host of World Ballet Day together with the Royal Ballet and the San Francisco Ballet. Watching their 3-hour live, you will see their company class, interviews, a gym session, and Cygnet rehearsals from Swan Lake.

What was your favourite part of World Ballet Day 2023? Let us know in the comments below.
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